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About FundHerProjects

Fund Her Projects was developed by Annette Johnson, CEO and founder of Allwrite Communications Inc. and editor of HERS magazine. Johnson felt that women are significantly underrepresented in serious entrepreneurial endeavors, having their business ideas cast off as “hobbies.” Many women-owned businesses are not creating huge incomes. In fact, 68.2% of the female owned businesses in the United States earn less than $25,000.

As such, our mission is to enrich the lives, personal growth, network and net worth of women while promoting the idea that it’s okay to support other women. We also want to show the world that creativity and innovation is at the forefront of our minds, not just a secondary notion for social outlets. Women’s projects aren’t just a few things that we find interesting. They represent part of our existence. We believe that dreams can be accomplished with the right resources, and we’re willing to be that resource.

Opportunity is supposed to be for everyone, so why is Fund Her Projects only for women?

The reason is quite simple because the words “male-dominated” have marginalized and defined what women can do for far too long, and we feel as though it’s time to take that power back and have our ideas heard. Not that being a male is a bad thing, but we’d like to see what happens when a woman has an idea and other women have the opportunity to support that woman’s idea. A male owning a business or doing something they’re truly passionate about is expected. A female owning a business and making her own mark in the world is extraordinary.

Women do most of the heavy lifting on crowdfunding sites

Reports have stated that women are better than men at raising the money they need from the crowd. According to crowdfunding platform, Bloom VC (Venture Catalyst), 40% of female-led projects are successful compared to 34% of male generated projects. Bloom has also discovered that women are more likely to back a project than a man, and that there are more “serial” female backers than male. If this is the case, then why haven’t female-centric crowdfunding sites been around sooner?


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